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release history

1.2.3  (2003-10-26)
  • Set dirty flag on changed entries. This fixes syncing with jpilot.
  • Catalan, Polish translation updated again.
  • French translation updated again.
1.2.2  (2003-03-18)
  • Fix for #698054: Fatal Alert in OS 5 when searching.
  • Copyright statements updated.
  • French translation updated.
1.2.1  (2003-01-23)
  • Fix for #670527: Freeze on installation.
  • Italian translation updated.
1.2  (2003-01-18)
  • Support PalmOS global Find.
  • Support pronounceable passwords conforming to the FIPS 181 Automated Password Generator Standard
  • Support interactive search for a key name on list form.
  • Keyedit form is left on auto off if the timeout has also expired. Code works for all supported PalmOS versions.
  • Use pilotSSLeay for encryption, which is a bit faster than the PalmOS builtin encryption. The binaries from pilotSSLeay are included.
  • The last-modified-date is back again.
  • Support larger notes, up to 32000 characters.
1.1  (2003-03-11)
  • Add strong randomness patch by Jochen Hoenicke, based on the Linux entropy device by Ted T'so.
  • Ship only tar and zip files containing both binaries and source, and not bare .prc files. I hope the zip file will reduce the incidence of people suffering corrupted (and unreported) downloads.
  • Merge excellent security patch from Jochen Hoenicke, so that the encryption key is kept on the heap, and obliterated after use, and an alarm locks the keyring when the timeout expires.
  • #213320 If the Keyring database is marked read-only or in Flash ROM, then it can still be opened and viewed. Trying to modify it produces a warning.
  • Merge patch from Mustafa Kocaturk to hide records at power-on.
  • #209050 Hide passwords as they are entered.
  • Repair databases broken by removing private records.
  • Provide a custom font that makes the small letter l and the large letter I are distinguishable in passwords.
  • A lot of new translations by various people. Thanks to Jeroen Vloothuis, Rick Moen, Andreas-Johann Ulvestad, Paolo Gasti, Hiroshi Miura.
1.0  (2000-10-23)
  • Fix the #206167 backup and restore bug in 0.11.0, and recover all data made inaccessible.
  • Fix data bugs #200727, #209425, #201473, and others. Rewrite the database layer, and use PalmOS debugging features.
  • Display a warning about beta status at startup
  • If the version of PalmOS does not have the necessary features then display an apology rather than just crashing.
  • Change database format again, with the master password hash stored in hidden records.
  • For records with no public name, show them in the list by their index number rather than a unique hex string.
  • Discard empty records.
  • Add an #213358 Edit/Undo All feature.
  • Show homepage URL in the About box.
  • Lock timeout is independent of the handheld being switched off or of switching to other applications.
  • Generated passwords can contain writable non-ASCII characters.
  • Key list form now uses a PalmOS Table control and looks much nicer.
  • In the Edit form, the up/down buttons scroll the Notes field if possible, or otherwise flip through the records.
0.11.2  (2000-09-26)
0.11.1  (2000-??-??)
  • Add Spanish translation courtesy of Juan Carlos Borrás
0.11.0  (2000-05-17)
  • Allow beaming of the Keyring app without the ‘a newer version exists’ warning, and without overwriting the existing database.
  • Add category support.
  • Forward-compatible change to use database version 1.
  • Better error reporting.
0.9.2  (2000-05-15)
  • Add a German translation courtesy of Stefan H. Holek. Clean up the online help a little.
0.9.1  (2000-05-12)
  • Fixed the small launcher icon.
0.9.0  (2000-05-11)
  • Changed to using prc-tools-2.0.
  • Added the ‘Export to Memo’ feature.
0.7.5  (2000-02-24)
  • Mark the database for backup; some Windows client software seems to require this bit to be set.
0.7.4a  (2000-02-14)
  • Add notes on breaking keyrings to the web site. No new software.
0.7.4  (2000-02-04)
  • Try to fix crash at startup on Visors. Up/down buttons work in the list form (Craig Wiegert).
0.7.3  (2000-01-30)
  • Move CVS onto SourceForge.
0.7.2  (1999-12-19)
  • Fix title when paging through records. Rearrange menus; add more help text. Preferences dialog is now also available from the Key Edit form.
0.7.1  (1999-12-19)
  • Remember the settings for key generation between uses.
0.7.0  (1999-12-19)
  • Automatically generate random passwords matching certain criteria; GUI tweaks.
0.6.0  (1999-12-18)
  • Obliterate memory of sensitive data after use.
0.5.2  (1999-12-18)
  • Use a scrollbar in the main list form.
0.5.1  (1999-12-06)
  • Fix bug that intermittently broke the "Set Password" function.
0.5.0  (1999-12-03)
  • Automatically save records when changing apps or when the page buttons are pressed. Re-encrypt records when the password is changed. Only save dirty records.
0.4.2  (1999-??-??)
  • Change from using single-DES to DES3-EDE with a 112-bit key being the MD5 hash of the password.
0.4.1  (1999-??-??)
  • Show "wait" dialogs while encrypting and decrypting.
0.4.0  (1999-??-??)
  • Single DES encryption using the master key is implemented. The record format has changed and is likely to change again before it finally stabilizes.
0.3.2  (1999-11-17)
  • Soft and hard key navigation while editing records. Fix title in edit form.
0.3.1  (1999-??-??)
  • Fixes a serious bug in record sorting. Alpha.
0.3  (1999-??-??)
  • First public release. Working, but the file format is not stable and record encryption is not implemented.


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